Articles from February 2008

Away from it all

winter paddleFinally having encountered a break in the rain/wind that actually coincided with a weekend, we headed out for a paddle up Loch Striven again. We set out at the entrance to Glen Striven Estate and headed up towards the top of the loch. I confess to having lost a little conditioning, as attested by my sore bits today. The good thing is, however, that it’s not my arms that are aching, but my torso/side muscles. Hopefully, this means that I was managing a bit of rotation in the old forward paddle stroke. I did try.

I do like Loch Striven. No-one goes there. It was just us, some sea birds, one fishing boat and one seal. Oh, and a dirty great warship with the unassuming name of HMS Wave Ruler parked at the NATO fuel depot. I’ve heard locals describe the loch as an “eerie” place, but I disagree. It’s incredibly peaceful, especially as there are no roads nearby. Not that we exactly live in a seething metropolis in nearby Innellan, but still – it’s nice to not hear or see a single car for a few hours. (more…)