Palm Aleutian Drysuits

Palm Aleutian Drysuit

Palm Aleutian Drysuit

A major development has occurred in our quest to become proper sea kayakers. Following on from my big sulk at missing out on the midnight paddle (see entry below) due to apparel inadequacies, I mentioned to coach Richard that Alan and I were in the market for drysuits. No sooner said than done, and Richard had facilitated our purchase of 2 Palm Aleutian drysuits. They are things of beauty (sorry, only a paddler would understand). We have not yet taken them outside as wind and work have prevented, but we have posed around the living room extensively (non-paddlers can stop reading now) and familiarised ourselves with the suits’ plentiful features. I will stop short of a discussion on relief zippers and Shewees.

So now I am half hoping for a bit of bad weather during our paddle club’s trip to Lewis next week (I hope no club member is reading this!) so that we can test out our suits. Cold and rain will suffice, but not wind thank you or we will be beached. Of course, this may well portend a stultifying heatwave. I won’t complain, honest.

Next up on our list of things to buy before the ever-increasing price of oil makes everything unaffordable (you see, it isn’t just about rampant consumerism) are fibre glass boats. We have been using our P&H Capella RMs for over a year now, which is long enough to prove to ourselves that we are serious about this pastime, and to build sufficient skill to prevent us mangling a shiny new glass boat (hopefully). We are presently considering reviewing a Valley Nordkapp LV, a P&H Quest LV and a Rockpool Alaw Bach. We will be attending Karitek’s open day at Fairlie on Saturday where we’ll be able to review the Quest and the Alaw Bach. Richard advises that we need to spend a fair bit of time testing out boats, so I will have to strongly resist the urge to make an impulse purchase. Boo.

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