Capella dilemma

Now that we are upgrading to fibre-glass kayaks (2 weeks from today for me!), we have been deliberating over what to do with our Capella RMs. This is no easy decision. I am well aware of the potential for them to work their way down to assuming a place in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, or at last its Atlantic equivalent (which must surely be in the process of forming). So – is it better to keep them and have them take up space in our garage, to be taken out on the odd occasion when we have kayaking visitors, or when we decide to do a spot of rockhopping? Or is it better to sell them on so that someone else can benefit and get started in the world of sea kayaking, just like we did (oh, and we get a little return from the sale)? Both options will probably eventually lead to the garbage patch regardless, but hopefully not for some time. And maybe by then, nature will have evolved a way to break down polymers.

Farewell old friend

Farewell old friend

I think we’ve decided that one Capella must definitely go, so we’ve been jumping in and out of each other’s kayaks in order to determine which one. Alan can fit (albeit snugly) into my RM 160. I can fit into his RM 166 – but so could another me. In Gordon Brown’s excellent book, Sea Kayak, there is a photo of an example of an ill-fitting kayak. In the RM 166, I am that photo. The cockpit rim encircles my rib cage and there’s enough freeboard to ensure that my spraydeck need never get wet. Not exactly a perfect fit then. It therefore looks like we will divest ourselves of the 166.

And so we will keep my trusty RM 160 for now. It will serve as a “back-up” should either of our Nordkapps ever need repaired (heaven forfend!), or should we have a visitor who would like to go paddling with us.

It will be a sad farewell actually, as it has served Alan well. From our first “tippy” outing on Loch Eck to the high seas of Lewis and Islay, the Capellas have never let us down (although we have no doubt let them down on occasion). I hope the 160 doesn’t pine after its old stablemate … but at least it will have 2 new thoroughbreds to keep it company.

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