Stratocumulus skiesI know what you’ve all been wondering – has she lost the keys to the ignition of this blog? (Or, by now, perhaps you are asking, what blog?). Well, after searching down the back of the couch, I am pleased to inform you that I’ve found a good few things: a dash of motivation, a flash of inspiration, a smidgen of enthusiasm and a pinch of time. Which is a fancy way of saying, I’ve finally got my act back together.

No, I didn’t stop kayaking (perish the thought!), I just stopped blogging. I have no excuses, sorry. Anyway, that’s all in the past and, to celebrate the re-launch of, I have given it a design makeover. I hope you like.

I’m planning to expand the site a little to become a bit more interesting (hopefully). An updated “My Picks” page will appear and, along the way, a few other pages/features will be added that might be useful. I also plan to cast my net slightly further out into the kayaking/marine world when writing blog posts, possibly even beyond status updates on how my offside roll is doing.

It’s nice to be back at the wheel!


  1. Jinja Coo says:

    Welcome back. Looks good – I thought I’d clicked on the wrong link when I saw the new look.

  2. Hi Pam, Sean and I were just theorizing on why you have not been blogging lately. We both figured that you were distracted by good water. Which is always a good reason not to be stuck inside in front of a computer. I like the new design and I am curious to read what comes out of casting your net farther into the kayaking/marine world. – Jeff

  3. pamf says:

    Thank you for the welcome, and for the link. I’ve linked back to your blog – looks most interesting!

  4. pamf says:

    Hi Jeff – Thanks so much. Have emailed you.

  5. Erin says:

    Pam – Oooh….I like! Great to find you on the site. I’m thrilled to see the site’s new look and recent photos of course, and look forward to reading more soon.

  6. Welcome back Pam :o)

  7. pamf says:

    Thank you, Douglas!

  8. Hi Pam – nice to read you again. Experiencing a bit of a hiatus myself at the moment!
    Nice blog makeover too.

  9. pamf says:

    Thank you, Lesley!

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