Greenland comes to Scotland

Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson

Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson of Kayak Ways

Before I started paddling, my only association with Greenland was flying over that country and marvelling at its Arctic beauty from high above. I’ve still never been there, however, slowly but surely, we are pulling more and more bits of Greenland over to Scotland. Not the actual icy bits, but some of the traditions, craft and skills of the Inuit people. We have kayaks and paddles, and now we are going to be learning skills from 2 of the best-known traditional paddlers in the world, Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson of Kayak Ways. They aren’t actually from Greenland (at least not in this life), but their status as traditional skills experts is recognised both in that country and throughout the world. You can imagine my excitement to be booked on to a weekend course with them when they come to Scotland in late May. What a privilege! (You can pre-order their “This is the Roll” DVD here, by the way).

Greenland paddlingNow that Spring is springing, my thoughts are turning to rolling in the sea again and I’m looking forward to sharpening up existing skills so as to not look like a numpty have a good foundation to work on when Cheri and Turner arrive. We have had the good fortune of attending pool sessions lately and I’m having fun playing with my Greenland stick there. Gone are the days of spending the entire evening stressing over that one perfect Euro roll.

My only concern is from witnessing where this Greenland path leads, as demonstrated by Mackayak in Orkney. She started out in a colourful drysuit and an Isel (which sounds awfully familiar), but can now be found in a tuilik and a shiny, black beauty of a kayak. I am feeling a bit gaudy …


  1. See you there Pam! Can’t wait 🙂

  2. Gerhardt Raven says:

    Pam, You are in for a treat. Cheri and Turner are excellent instructors and they make great rolling kayaks.

  3. pamf says:

    Can’t wait either, Lesley!

  4. pamf says:

    Thanks, Gerhardt. It’ll be wonderful to get help from instructors of this calibre.

  5. Wayne Hanley says:

    Pam, Cheri and turner will help your Greenland skills come along in leaps and bounds! They are also just fun people to be with. Mel and I are looking forward to seeing/training with them again when they are in Australia in a few weeks. Enjoy

  6. pamf says:

    Thank you, Wayne! I need some leaps and bounds 🙂 Enjoy your time with them too.

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