Sea Kayak Size Chart

Page last updated :  22 October 2015

Click on column headers to order table by volume, width or manufacturer – or filter with a search. Added in maximum loads column (where data was available) and also added in some other manufacturers

Data where available was pulled from the manufacturer’s website. This chart is meant for reference purposes only. It is advisable to check with the manufacturer’s website to ensure accuracy of details before buying a kayak based on the figures listed here. If you don’t see a make or model of kayak listed here, it’s most likely because the manufacturer doesn’t publish volume figures for their kayaks. If you find any errors in the figures, just let us know. If you find any makes/models missing please let us know.

Sea Kayak Size Comparison Chart - sortable

Kayak ModelManufacturerLength (ft/m)VolumeWidthMax Load 
AlawRockpool17′ 01″ (5.21m)335 litres21.0″ (53cm)unspecified
Alaw BachRockpool17′ 01″ (5.21m)325 litres21.0″ (53cm)unspecified
Alchemy 14LDagger14′ 00″ (4.27m)unspecified24.0″ (61cm)136kg (300lbs)
Alchemy 14SDagger14′ 00″ (4.27m)unspecified23.0″ (58cm)125kg (275lbs)
Anas AcutaValley17′ 02″ (5.23m)297 litres20.0″ (51cm)unspecified
AquanautValley17′ 07″ (5.36m)340 litres22.0″ (55cm)118kg (260lbs)
Aquanaut HV
Valley17′ 08″ (5.38m)345 litres22.5″ (57cm)136kg (300lbs)
Aquanaut LVValley17′ 01″ (5.21m)330 litres22.0″ (55cm)095kg (210lbs)
AquilaValley18′ 03″ (5.56m)unspecified22.5″ (57cm)unspecified
Aries 150P&H15′ 00″ (4.58m)247 litres21.7″ (55cm)105kg (231lbs)
Aries 155P&H15′ 11″ (4.85m)290 litres22.5″ (57cm)125kg (276lbs)
AtlanticNorth Shore16′ 11″ (5.15m)360 litres22.0″ (55cm)unspecified
Atlantic LVNorth Shore15′ 11″ (4.85m)275 litres22.0″ (55cm)unspecified
AvocetValley16′ 00″ (4.88m)285 litres22.0″ (56cm)091kg (200lbs)
Avocet LVValley15′ 11″ (4.85m)unspecified20.5″ (52cm)073kg (160lbs)
BahiyaP&H17′ 06″ (5.34m)308 litres20.5″ (52cm)115kg (254lbs)
Barracuda RSPrijon17′ 00″ (5.2m)335 litres21.7″ (55cm)115kg (254lbs)
Bay SpiritTahe Marine17′ 03″ (5.25m)unspecified22.0″ (56cm)135kg (298lbs)
Black Pearl HVSea Bird18′ 04″ (5.59m)259 litres20.5″ (52cm)136kg (299lbs)
Black Pearl LVSea Bird18′ 02″ (5.46m)222 litres20.0″ (51cm)122kg (299lbs)
BuccaneerNorth Shore17′ 05″ (5.30m)375 litres22.0″ (55cm)unspecified
CalypsoNorth Shore17′ 01″ (5.20m)340 litres22.0″ (55cm)unspecified
Capella 160 RMP&H16′ 04″ (4.95m)262 litres22.0″ (56cm)unspecified
Capella 161P&H16′ 01″ (4.90m)291 litres21.5″ (55cm)105kg (231lbs)
Capella 163P&H16′ 05″ (5.00m)305 litres22.0″ (56cm)115kg (254lbs)
Capella 166 RMP&H16′ 07″ (5.05m)349 litres22.0″ (56cm)unspecified
Capella 167P&H16′ 07″ (5.05m)323 litres22.0″ (56cm)120kg (265lbs)
Capella 173P&H17′ 03″ (5.25m)385 litres22.0″ (56cm)135kg (298lbs)
Carolina 12Perception12′ 00″ (3.66m)unspecified26.0″ (66cm)150kg (331lbs)
Carolina 12xsPerception12′ 02″ (3.70m)unspecified23.0″ (58cm)90kg (198lbs)
Carolina 14Perception14′ 00″ (4.27m)unspecified24.0″ (62cm)170kg (375lbs)
Cetus 176 LVP&H17′ 05″ (5.31m)292 litres21.0″ (54cm)105kg (231lbs)
Cetus 178 MVP&H17′ 09″ (5.41m)332 litres21.5″ (55cm)115kg (254lbs)
Cetus 1710 HVP&H17′ 10″ (5.48m)379 litres22.5″ (57cm)135kg (298lbs)
Charleston 14.0Dagger14′ 00″ (4.26m)unspecified24.5″ (62cm)130kg (287lbs)
Charleston 15.0Dagger15′ 00″ (4.55m)unspecified25.0″ (63cm)145kg (320lbs)
Chatham 16Necky Kayaks16′ 05″ (5.00m)unspecified22.0″ (56cm)147kg (325lbs)
Chatham 17Necky Kayaks17′ 05″ (5.30m)unspecified21.5″ (55cm)158kg (350lbs)
Chatham 18Necky Kayaks17′ 09″ (5.40m)unspecified20.0″ (51cm)158kg (350lbs)
Coast Spirit PETahe Marine16′ 05″ (5.03m)unspecified22.0″ (56cm)135kg (298lbs)
Delphin 150P&H15′ 00″ (4.57m)247 litres21.7″ (55cm)105kg (231lbs)
Delphin 155P&H15′ 11″ (4.85m)267 litres22.5″ (57cm)125kg (276lbs)
Easky 15Venture15′ 06″ (4.75m)325 litres24.0″ (61cm)unspecified
Easky 15 LVVenture15′ 02″ (4.63m)284 litres22.0″ (57cm)unspecified
Easky 17Venture16′ 07″ (5.07m)337 litres23.0″ (59cm)unspecified
Easky 17 LVVenture16′ 07″ (5.07m)323 litres22.0″ (56cm)unspecified
EmpowerArrow18′ 05″ (5.61m)389 litres21.0″ (53cm)178kg (392lbs)
Epic 16XEpic Kayaks16′ 00″ (4.88m)unspecified23.0″ (58cm)152kg (335lbs)
Epic 18XEpic Kayaks18′ 00″ (5.49m)unspecified22.0″ (56cm)173kg (380lbs)
Epic 18X SportEpic Kayaks18′ 00″ (5.49m)unspecified22.0″ (56cm)173kg (380lbs)
Epic GPXEpic Kayaks12′ 11″ (3.94m)unspecified25.0″ (64cm)125kg (275lbs)
Essence 16Perception16′ 05″ (5.00m)unspecified22.0″ (56cm)150kg (331lbs)
Essence 17Perception17′ 00″ (5.18m)unspecified23.0″ (58cm)160kg (353lbs)
Etain 177Valley17′ 06″ (5.34m)unspecified21.5″ (55cm)118kg (260lbs)
Etain LV 175Valley17′ 05″ (5.32m)unspecified21.5″ (55cm)109kg (240lbs)
Etain RMValley17′ 07″ (5.36m)unspecified21.5″ (55cm)132kg (290lbs)
ExodusDagger16′ 10″ (5.13m)unspecified23.0″ (58cm)180kg (397lbs)
ExpeditionSea Bird17′ 03″ (5.27m)360 litres23.3″ (59cm)170kg (374lbs)
Expedition XP480Sea Bird15′ 09″ (4.80m)270 litres22.0″ (56cm)125kg (278lbs)
Expedition XP507Sea Bird16′ 08″ (5.07m)320 litres23.0″ (59cm)145kg (322lbs)
ExplorerSKUK17′ 06″ (5.34m)314 litres21.0″ (54cm)unspecified
Explorer HVSKUK17′ 06″ (5.34m)319 litres22.0″ (56cm)unspecified
Explorer LVSKUK17′ 06″ (5.33m)282 litres21.5″ (55cm)unspecified
Expression 14Perception14′ 06″ (4.42m)unspecified23.0″ (59cm)130kg (286lbs)
Expression 15Perception15′ 00″ (4.56m)unspecified24.0″ (61cm)140kg (308lbs)
Falcon S18Eddyline18′ 00″ (5.50m)unspecified21.0″ (53cm)163kg (360lbs)
FathomEddyline16′ 06″ (5.03m)unspecified22.0″ (57cm)154kg (340lbs)
Fathom LVEddyline15′ 06″ (4.72m)unspecified21.0″ (53cm)136kg (300lbs)
Five-O-FivePoint 6516′ 07″ (5.05m)363 litres23.6″ (60cm)165kg (364lbs)
Gemini SPValley14′ 10″ (4.52m)unspecified22.0″ (57cm)unspecified
Gemini STValley14′ 10″ (4.52m)unspecified22.0″ (57cm)unspecified
GreenlanderSKUK17′ 11″ (5.47m)290 litres21.0″ (54cm)unspecified
Greenlander ProSKUK17′ 09″ (5.40m)296 litres21.5″ (55cm)unspecified
GTRockpool17′ 10″ (5.44m)380 litres21.0″ (53cm)unspecified
H2OSea Bird17′ 11″ (5.47m)360 litres20.9″ (54cm)150kg (330lbs)
HammerP&H13′ 10″ (4.21m)264 litres24.5″ (62.5cm)unspecified
HeronFeathercraft17′ 09″ (5.40m)unspecified23.6″ (60cm)185kg (408lbs)
IselRockpool16′ 10″ (5.13m)276 litres21.0″ (53cm)unspecified
Islay 14Venture14′ 00″ (4.27m)unspecified24.0″ (60cm)unspecified
IvaluArrow18′ 03″ (5.55m)216 litres19.3″ (49cm)120kg (265lbs)
JourneyEddyline15′ 06″ (4.72m)unspecified24.0″ (61cm)170kg (375lbs)
K1 ExpeditionFeathercraft16′ 06″ (5.00m)unspecified25.0″ (64cm)175kg (385lbs)
K-liteFeathercraft12′ 10″ (3.9m)unspecified25.0″ (64cm)136kg (300lbs)
KahunaFeathercraft14′ 09″ (4.50m)unspecified24.8″ (63cm)136kg (300lbs)
KhatsalanoFeathercraft17′ 10″ (5.43m)unspecified22.0″ (56cm)136kg (300lbs)
Khatsalano SFeathercraft17′ 10″ (5.43m)unspecified23.5″ (60cm)136kg (300lbs)
KodiakPrijon17′ 00″ (5.2m)390 litres23.5″ (59cm)150kg (331lbs)
KurrentFeathercraft13′ 01″ (3.98m)unspecified25.0″ (64cm)136kg (300lbs)
Looksha 17Necky Kayaks17′ 06″ (5.30m)unspecified23.8″ (60cm)170kg (375lbs)
Looksha EliteNecky Kayaks17′ 00″ (5.20m)unspecified22.0″ (56cm)159kg (350lbs)
MarinerNorth Shore16′ 11″ (5.15m)340 litres21.5″ (54cm)unspecified
Marlin PrilPrijon17′ 05″ (5.3m)345 litres23.0″ (58cm)140kg (309lbs)
Menai 18Rockpool18′ 03″ (5.56m)382 litres21.0″ (53cm)unspecified
MilleniumPrijon16′ 09″ (5.1m)360 litres23.5″ (59cm)125kg (276lbs)
Nighthawk 16Eddyline16′ 00″ (4.88m)unspecified22.0″ (57cm)150kg (330lbs)
Nighthawk 17.5Eddyline17′ 06″ (5.33m)unspecified24.5″ (62cm)204kg (450lbs)
Nordkapp HMValley17′ 10″ (5.44m)unspecified21.0″ (54cm)unspecified
Nordkapp HSValley17′ 10″ (5.44m)unspecified21.0″ (54cm)unspecified
Nordkapp LVValley17′ 06″ (5.33m)326 litres21.0″ (53cm)109kg (240lbs)
North SeaSea Bird17′ 09″ (5.40m)320 litres21.0″ (54cm)140kg (308lbs)
NukaArrow16′ 06″ (5.03m)316 litres20.5″ (52cm)142kg (313lbs)
Nuka GTArrow16′ 07″ (5.05m)316 litres20.5″ (52cm)145kg (320lbs)
Ocean 17North Shore17′ 00″ (5.18m)353 litres21.6″ (55cm)unspecified
Ocean 17.6North Shore17′ 06″ (5.34m)unspecified22.0″ (55cm)unspecified
Ocean Spirit LCTahe Marine17′ 02″ (5.23m)unspecified23.0″ (58cm)135kg (298lbs)
OrionP&H17′ 00″ (5.18m)330 litres24.0″ (61cm)unspecified
Pace 17 TourTiderace17′ 02″ (5.22m)405 litres21.0″ (53cm)unavailable
Pace 18Tiderace18′ 00″ (5.48m)373 litres21.0″ (53cm)unspecified
Pace EvokeTiderace15′ 09″ (4.80m)370 litres21.3″ (54cm)unavailable
PilgrimSKUK15′ 09″ (4.80m)251 litres19.5″ (50cm)unspecified
Pilgrim ExpeditionSKUK17′ 00″ (5.19m)283 litres19.5″ (50cm)unspecified
PintailValley17′ 02″ (5.23m)310 litres21.0″ (53cm)unspecified
PlayArrow16′ 10″ (5.13m)358 litres21.3″ (54cm)156kg (344lbs)
Play LVArrow16′ 08″ (5.09m)335 litres21.0″ (54cm)145kg (320lbs)
PolarNorth Shore16′ 09″ (5.10m)350 litres21.0″ (54cm)unspecified
Polar HVNorth Shore17′ 05″ (5.10m)375 litres22.0″ (55cm)unspecified
ProteusPrijon17′ 00″ (5.2m)385 litres22.5″ (57cm)140kg (309lbs)
Qajariaq (Q-Boat)Valley18′ 00″ (5.49m)330 litres21.0″ (53cm)unspecified
QanikSea Bird17′ 10″ (5.46m)313 litres20.5″ (52cm)135kg (297lbs)
QuestP&H17′ 07″ (5.36m)365 litres22.0″ (56cm)125kg (176lbs)
Quest LVP&H17′ 07″ (5.36m)302 litres21.5″ (55cm)115kg (254lbs)
Rapier 18Valley18′ 00″ (5.47m)unspecified21.8″ (55cm)109kg (240lbs)
Rapier 19Valley19′ 00″ (5.79m)unspecified19.5″ (50cm)113kg (250lbs)
Rapier 20Valley20′ 00″ (6.09m)unspecified17.8″ (45cm)118kg (260lbs)
RavenEddyline16′ 06″ (5.03m)unspecified22.0″ (57cm)154kg (340lbs)
RevalTahe Marine18′ 02″ (5.55m)unspecified21.3″ (54cm)155kg (341lbs)
Reval MidiTahe Marine17′ 01″ (5.20m)unspecified21.3″ (54cm)130kg (287lbs)
Reval MiniTahe Marine15′ 10″ (4.83m)unspecified20.5″ (52cm)110kg (243lbs)
Reval Mini LCTahe Marine16′ 01″ (4.90m)unspecified21.3″ (54cm)120kg (265lbs)
Reval Mini LC PETahe Marine16′ 01″ (4.90m)unspecified21.3″ (54cm)120kg (265lbs)
RomanySKUK15′ 11″ (4.85m)276 litres21.0″ (54cm)unspecified
Romany ExcelSKUK16′ 09″ (5.10m)323 litres22.0″ (57cm)unspecified
Romany LVSKUK16′ 00″ (4.88m)245 litres21.5″ (55cm)unspecified
Romany S (surf)SKUK16′ 02″ (4.92m)314 litres22.0″ (55cm)unspecified
Romany S RMSKUK16′ 00″ (4.89m)283 litres21.0″ (54cm)unspecified
S14Stellar14′ 03″ (4.35m)unspecified23.6″ (60cm)150kg (330lbs)
S16Stellar16′ 00″ (4.88m)unspecified22.0″ (57cm)160kg (350lbs)
S18Stellar18′ 00″ (5.50m)unspecified21.5″ (54cm)160kg (350lbs)
S18RStellar18′ 00″ (5.50m)unspecified21.5″ (54cm)160kg (350lbs)
Scorpio 168 LVP&H16′ 07″ (5.09m)285 litres21.0″ (54cm)110kg (242lbs)
Scorpio 170P&H16′ 11″ (5.16m)305 litres22.0″ (56cm)125kg (276lbs)
Sea CruiserPoint 6517′ 03″ (5.25m)380 litres22.8″ (58cm)165kg (364lbs)
Sea PearlSea Bird17′ 10″ (5.43m)290 litres20.5″ (52cm)140kg (253lbs)
Sea Spirit PETahe Marine16′ 05″ (5.00m)unspecified22.0″ (56cm)135kg (298lbs)
SeayakPrijon16′ 01″ (4.90m)360 litres23.0″ (58cm)120kg (264lbs)
Seayak 500LVPrijon16′ 05″ (5.0m)329 litres21.7″ (55cm)100kg (220lbs)
Seayak 520HVPrijon17′ 00″ (5.2m)370 litres23.0″ (58cm)140kg (309lbs)
SiriusP&H17′ 00″ (5.18m)302 litres20.5″ (52cm)115kg (254lbs)
Sirius LP&H17′ 00″ (5.18m)345 litres20.5″ (52cm)unspecified
Sirius MP&H17′ 00″ (5.18m)305 litres20.5″ (52cm)unspecified
Sirius SP&H17′ 00″ (5.18m)275 litres20.5″ (52cm)unspecified
Sirona 15.11Valley15′ 11″ (4.85m)unspecified21.0″ (53cm)unspecified
Sirona 16.1Valley16′ 01″ (4.90m)unspecified22.0″ (56cm)unspecified
Sirona 16.3Valley16′ 03″ (4.95m)unspecified22.8″ (58cm)unspecified
SkerrayValley17′ 00″ (5.18m)330 litres23.0″ (58cm)unspecified
Skerray XLValley17′ 08″ (5.38m)395 litres24.0″ (61cm)unspecified
Sport 600Sea Bird19′ 08″ (6.00m)360 litres18.5″ (47cm)150kg (330lbs)
TaranRockpool18′ 00″ (5.49m)383 litres20.5″ (52cm)unspecified
Tempest 165Wilderness Systems16′ 05″ (5.03m)unspecified21.5″ (55cm)136kg (300lbs)
Tempest 170 / ProWilderness Systems17′ 00″ (5.18m)unspecified22.0″ (56cm)147kg (325lbs)
Tempest 180 ProWilderness Systems18′ 00″ (5.49m)unspecified20.0″ (51cm)181kg (400lbs)
TouringSea Bird17′ 01″ (5.20m)250 litres23.2″ (59cm)130kg (286lbs)
Track T-1600Track16′ 00″ (4.88m)189 litres22.5″ (57cm)132kg (292lbs)
Tsunami 160 / ProWilderness Systems16′ 00″ (4.88m)unspecified23.5″ (59cm)147kg (325lbs)
Tsunami 165Wilderness Systems16′ 06″ (5.00m)unspecified23.8″ (60cm)159kg (350lbs)
Tsunami 175 / ProWilderness Systems17′ 06″ (5.28m)unspecified24.0″ (61cm)181kg (400lbs)
Tsunami SPWilderness Systems12′ 00″ (3.66m)unspecified21.0″ (53cm)082kg (182lbs)
VelaP&H15′ 08″ (4.78m)275 litres21.0″ (54cm)105kg (231lbs)
VorteX PETiderace16′ 07″ (5.05m)340 litres22.2″ (57cm)unspecified
Whisky 16Point 6516′ 00″ (4.89m)unspecified22.0″ (56cm)155kg (341lbs)
Wind 535Tahe Marine17′ 07″ (5.35m)unspecified21.3″ (54cm)140kg (309lbs)
Wind 555Tahe Marine18′ 03″ (5.55m)unspecified21.3″ (54cm)140kg (309lbs)
Wind 585Tahe Marine19′ 02″ (5.85m)unspecified21.3″ (54cm)160kg (353lbs)
Wind SoloTahe Marine16′ 07″ (5.05m)unspecified21.3″ (54cm)130kg (287lbs)
Wind Solo PETahe Marine16′ 07″ (5.05m)unspecified21.3″ (54cm)130kg (287lbs)
WisperFeathercraft15′ 07″ (4.75m)unspecified23.5″ (59cm)136kg (300lbs)
Wisper XPFeathercraft15′ 07″ (4.75m)unspecified23.5″ (59cm)136kg (300lbs)
XcapeTiderace17′ 09″ (5.40m)360 litres22.0″ (55cm)unspecified
Xcape STiderace17′ 03″ (5.18m)332 litres21.5″ (54cm)unspecified
Xcape XTiderace17′ 09″ (5.40m)406 litres22.5″ (58cm)unspecified
XciteTiderace17′ 02″ (5.25m)366 litres21.0″ (53cm)unspecified
Xcite STiderace16′ 04″ (5.00m)310 litres20.0″ (50cm)unspecified
XO 14Point 6514′ 02″ (4.32m)329 litres24.4″ (62cm)155kg (341lbs)
XO 16Point 6516′ 05″ (5.00m)354 litres22.8″ (58cm)155kg (341lbs)
XO 17Point 6517′ 03″ (5.25m)379 litres25.0″ (62cm)170kg (375lbs)
XP 18Point 6518′ 00″ (5.49m)390 litres21.2″ (54cm)150kg (330lbs)
Xplore LTiderace18′ 00″ (5.50m)380 litres21.0″ (54cm)unspecified
Xplore MTiderace17′ 05″ (5.30m)354 litres21.0″ (54cm)unspecified
Xplore STiderace17′ 06″ (5.33m)330 litres20.0″ (51cm)unspecified
Xplore XTiderace18′ 00″ (5.49m)430 litres23.5″ (60cm)unspecified
XtraTiderace16′ 07″ (5.05m)337 litres22.0″ (56cm)unspecified
Xtra HVTiderace16′ 07″ (5.05m)369 litres22.0″ (57cm)unspecified
XtremeTiderace17′ 00″ (5.17m)370 litres20.5″ (52cm)unspecified
Zegul 470Zegul Marine15′ 05″ (4.70m)unspecified21.3″ (54cm)115kg (254lbs)
Zegul 520Zegul Marine17′ 01″ (5.20m)unspecified21.0″ (53cm)130kg (287lbs)
Zegul 520 LVZegul Marine17′ 01″ (5.20m)unspecified21.0″ (53cm)130kg (287lbs)
Zegul 530Zegul Marine17′ 04″ (5.30m)unspecified20.5″ (52cm)130kg (287lbs)
Zegul 550Zegul Marine18′ 00″ (5.50m)unspecified21.3″ (54cm)140kg (309lbs)
Zegul BaidarkaZegul Marine18′ 00″ (5.48m)unspecified21.8″ (55cm)140kg (309lbs)
Zegul Baidarka GTZegul Marine17′ 07″ (5.40m)unspecified21.0″ (53cm)130kg (287lbs)
Zegul GreenlandZegul Marine17′ 10″ (5.45m)unspecified19.8″ (50cm)100kg (220lbs)
Zegul Greenland GTZegul Marine17′ 10″ (5.45m)unspecified21.0″ (54cm)135kg (398lbs)
Zegul MultisportZegul Marine17′ 01″ (5.20m)unspecified20.5″ (52cm)140kg (309lbs)
Zegul SearocketZegul Marine18′ 00″ (5.50m)unspecified21.3″ (54cm)140kg (309lbs)
Zegul VelocityZegul Marine18′ 00″ (5.50m)unspecified21.3″ (54cm)140kg (309lbs)
Zephyr 155 / ProWilderness Systems15′ 06″ (4.72m)unspecified22.5″ (57cm)125kg (275lbs)
Zephyr 160 / ProWilderness Systems16′ 00″ (4.88m)unspecified23.0″ (58cm)136kg (300lbs)


  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent! I’ve linked from UKSKGB – thanks for a most useful resource. Mike

  2. Tony says:

    I have just added your list to my favourites bar. I am seeking to upgrade my kayak at the moment and your blog is most helpful. Thank you.

  3. Bill says:

    Just upgraded to a composite kayak and used your list constantly to check volumes, lengths, etc. as boats came up in my mind and through recommendation. My garage is 5.2 m from the back wall and its good to know if the different models would fit. Thanks

  4. pamf says:

    You are very welcome. Glad it was of use!

  5. Frode says:

    Very nice Pam:)

    Greetings from Norway!


  6. pamf says:

    Hi Frode – Good to see you over here! Pam

  7. Rony Maier says:

    hey Pam,what a nice list and work !!
    is it possible to include the Tahe Greenlander OC and T from TaheMarine?
    Greetings from Brasil!

  8. pamf says:

    Hi Rony – Good to “see” you here too! I haven’t been able to get volume info for the Tahes. If you have such info, please forward it to me and I’d be happy to include. Pam

  9. Patrick says:

    I tried to list as many Sea Kayak. Can be a complementatry to this list.

  10. pamf says:

    Thank you, Patrick. That’s quite a work! Very handy.

  11. That is just a fantastic resource. well done.


  12. steve says:

    Can somebody please tell what LV MV and HV mean. Cant find a simple explanation anywhere. Thanks 🙂

  13. pamf says:

    Hi Steve – It means Low Volume, Medium Volume and High Volume, which can vary between manufacturers.

  14. Alan Kimber says:

    Hi Pam,

    Good site, packed with inspiration, thanks.

    I have become involved in helping with Whilst an experienced sea paddler in Scotland over the last forty years or so, I have not been involved in arranging competitions. Would it be possible from these dimension details to more easily place kayaks into average speed categories for the Loch Shiel Vikings event? We have decided on two categories and only single kayaks for our first event. We are calling the two categories Performance Sea Kayaks (21km) and Standard Sea Touring Kayaks (21km & 12km). I realise that some of the latest sea touring boats are much faster than others, so will it be possible to pick performance boats from your list? Also, I get the feeling that some form of handicap will need to be applied. We will know in advance which kayak people are turning up with on the day. Once registration is closed, would it be possible to have a timing handicap system put in place, without measuring on the day, for various make/model of kayak? Any light which you or your readers could cast on this issue would be very helpful.

    Best wishes for 2014.

    Alan Kimber

  15. pamf says:

    Hi Alan – It might be worth contacting the organisers of the Oban Sea Kayak Race ( to see how they categorise – you will see that they differentiate between “Touring” and “Racing” which sounds similar to your categories. I will leave it to any others who might have competition experience to respond with thoughts.

    Happy 2014 to you too!


  16. Alan Kimber says:

    Thanks Pam,
    We have talked to a lot of competitive folk and the method employed by Oban Sea Kayak Race is recommended all of the time.

    Here’s to some sunny weather for a change.

    Best wishes and thanks again for responding.


  17. John Ruston (Ballycastle) says:

    What a wonderful resource you have built here. May I add something?

    I have P&H Capella 160RM from new. Bought 2006. Makers spec. supplied on purchase:-
    L. 505 cm / 16’2″: W. 56cm / 22″: Vol. 288L / 76.1 Gal.: Weight. 23 Kg. / 50.7 lbs.: Load Range. 50 – 105 Kg. / 110 – 232 lbs.
    I am 85 Kg. and find this hull unloaded bounces around like a car with no shockers. At SS4 is a fiend, but it was bought as a workboat not for sport and loaded travels reasonably well.

  18. berend schilder says:

    What to do if you’re heavy (235 pounds) and love to make long trips with 50 pounds of gear? Just scan the last row and check for 300 pounds capacity or even more. I like this chart. Thank you!

  19. J. Galloway says:

    Still no data on the North Shore Ocean 17 and 17-7?

  20. alanf says:

    Added the Ocean in, no volume specs available for the 17.6 yet, must be new.

  21. J. Galloway says:

    Thanks for adding the Ocean 17. The stated beam of the kayak needs correction. Per North Shore the beam is 21.65″ (55 cm), not 20.3″.

  22. alanf says:

    Modified, thanks. I think they are confusing me with water;line width. I think some of the kayak specs these days are getting too detailed!

  23. John Ruston says:

    Hi Pam. I see the load capacity for the Capella RM 160 is still listed as “unspecified”
    Thought I’d resend the info I had from P&H when I bought mine.
    What a wonderful resource you have built here. May I add something?

    I have P&H Capella 160RM from new. Bought 2006. Makers spec. supplied on purchase:-
    L. 505 cm / 16’2″: W. 56cm / 22″: Vol. 288L / 76.1 Gal.: Weight. 23 Kg. / 50.7 lbs.: Load Range. 50 – 105 Kg. / 110 – 232 lbs.

    I subscribed in January 2014 and haven’t heard anything until today when a snowstorm of comments came all at once. Good to hear from you – at last. JR.

  24. alanf says:

    I’m not disputing the figures that you were provided, but they are contrary to what is listed (originally by P&H on their website) and now by Venture who are now marketing the Capella
    see here So I’d prefer some online brochure corroboration before changing the data for the listing. If you can find it somewhere please post.

  25. John Ruston says:

    Hello alanf – I have this info – dragged from the distant past – this boat is no longer listed as you know but I have a copy of the original 2006 on-line “catalogue” page.

    The craft currently marketed by Venture (my colleague has just bought one of these) is a different beast – lighter, seems more flexible. Club comparisons abound !
    I am sending this link to a screen capture I’ve just taken – will that do for you ??

    If that is not enough I can prise the original page out of its remote storage and send that – that would allow you to inspect the source code.

  26. alanf says:

    I am not disputing the authenticity of your document source, but the figures I have listed were pulled from P&H website about 2009/10(ish) so that is more recent data from your printed version for 2006. Maybe they corrected the data? If you can point me to somewhere online that lists the data that you have seen on your printed doc then I would consider that. Everything I have come across suggests the figures I already have.

  27. David says:

    Brilliant site for kayakers

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