The following is a list of useful websites for sea kayakers:

General Sea Kayak Skills
Sea Kayak Handling Sea Kayak Handling Videos
Kayak Handling Animations Kayak Handling Animations from
Sea Kayaking TV Sea Kayaking TV on YouTube
Kayarchy Online Sea Kayaking ‘handbook’ with lots of info.
Tidal Planning A document on tidal planning for sea kayakers
Safety Document A document detailing safety for sea kayakers
Greenland Skills
Refer to Qajaq Resources
Sea/Tides UK
Easy Tide, Rothesay Tidal Information, Rothesay, Scotland
Easy Tide, Oban Tidal Information, Oban, Scotland
Easy Tide, Greenock Tidal Information, Greenock, Scotland
Easy Tide, Dover Tidal Information, Dover, England
UK Wave Height UK wave height prediction
Sea State Sea state definitions
Ocean Weather Wave height forecast
Ocean Swell Forecast Ocean swell forecast for UK/Ireland
Sunrise/Sunset/moonphase Sunrise, sunset, moonphase predictions
UK Sea Temperature Sea temperature prediction for UK from Ocean Weather
Weather UK
Beaufort Scale Wind speed scale, Met Office
Met Office Forecast UK weather forecast
UK Surface Pressure Charts Met Office, surface pressure charts for UK
Hourly Observations UK Met Office hourly weather observations around UK
Inshore Forecast Mull of Galloway to Mull of Kintyre including Clyde, Met Office
Inshore Forecast Mull of Kintyre to Ardnamurchan Point, Met Office
Inshore Forecast Ardnamurchan Point to Cape Wrath, Met Office
Wind Guru Link for Largs, UK forecast, many other UK wide locations available.
Xcweather Wind map for UK
Windfinder Wind and weather for UK
Magic Seaweed UK pressure charts/surf reports
UK Pressure and Marine obs. Surface pressure and marine weather observations for UK from Ocean Weather
Weather Online Extensive UK weather forecast site
UK Weather : the next month The month ahead forecast for UK  from Weather Online
Detailed weather charts Detailed/expert weather charts for UK/Europe from Weather Online
Understanding the weather guide A guide to understanding the frontal weather in and around UK
Coastguard broadcast times Coastguard weather broadcast times for UK
Maps UK
Bing Maps O/S maps with Bing maps
Walking Highlands Maps O/S maps with GPS way point planning/saving
Marine VHF Radio Wikipedia on VHF marine radio
Marine VHF Radio Procedures Terminology to make VHF calls from ofcom
Marine VHF channel listing UK Extensive list of VHF operating channels for UK
Coastal Communications Useful info on marine VHF communications
RNLI Sea Safety Guide The complete guide to sea safety by the RNLI
RNLI Flares Advice Advice on choosing flares from RNLI
Flare Advice Advice on choosing flares
Miscellaneous UK
Scottish Canoe Association SCA main website
British Canoe Union BCU main website
BCU Star Level tests Information on BCU star qualifications
Ship AIS Ship identification, live feed, Clyde Estuary, & UK
Marine and Coastguard Agency Main page
RNLI Main page
RNLI rescue videos Recent RNLI rescue videos
RNLI “shouts” See where in UK the RNLI have been called out to recently
RNLI YouTube
Official RNLI channel on YouTube
UK Sea Kayak Guidebook Sea kayaking resources and forums
RYA RYA (Royal Yachting Association) Website, useful seafaring info.
Bouyage Markers Explained Bouyage markers on RYA website
Sea Kayak FAQ Sea Kayak FAQ, oldish but useful
Sea Kayak Expert Centre Lots of info on everything Sea Kayak related. Strokes, rescues, repairs etc.
Gelcoat Repair Article on gelcoat repairs
Sea Kayak Wikipedia Wikipedia entry on Sea Kayaking and history
Valley Nordkapp History History of Valley Nordkapp and how it changed Sea Kayaking
Greenland Kayak History Article on history of Greenland kayaks
Traditional Kayaks Greenland style kayaks and history
Virtual Kayak Museum Greenland style kayaks and history, German site in English
Historical Kayak Literature Historical Greenland qajaq literature
Boating Knots Boating Knots with animation.
Sea Kayaker Magazine Sea Kayaker Magazine (US), Sea Kayaking
Ocean paddler Magazine Ocean paddler magazine (UK), Sea Kayaking
Canoe and Kayak Magazine Canoe and Kayak Magazine (UK), all paddling disciplines
Paddling Life Paddling Life online magazine (US), all paddling disciplines
Adventure Kayak Magazine Adventure Kayak magazine (US), mainly Sea Kayaking
Wavelength (Coast and Kayak) Magazine Coast and Kayak Magazine (Wavelength Magazine) (Canada), mainly Sea Kayaying
Canoe and Kayak Magazine Canoe and Kayak Magazine (US), all paddling disciplines
The Masik The Masik, Qajaq USA magazine.
White Sea Magazine New for 2011. Magazine dedicated to white sea kayaking!
NSW Sea Kayaker Magazine of NSW Sea Kayak Club