Qajaq Resources


Kayak Ways Cheri Perry & Turner Wilson
Greenland or Bust Helen Wilson
Qajaq Rolls Qajaq Rolls – Greenland rolls, descriptions and videos
Maligiaq Padilla Greenland Inuit qajaq builder, instructor and champion
Qajaq USA American chapter of the Greenland Kayak Association (Qaannat Kattuffiat)
Storm On Complete resource for “Stormtroopers” practising the Greenland Storm Roll – created by Eiichi Ito of Qajaq Japan
Kayakquixotica Videos Videos of various types of rolls


This Is The Roll Indepth instruction from Cheri Perry & Turner Wilson of Kayak Ways, a Cackle TV production. Focuses on stages of the core, foundational rolls: Standard Greenland, Reverse Sweep, Storm.
Greenland Rolling with Maligiaq and Dubside Multiple Greenland National Championships winner, Maligiaq Padilla learned his skills the traditional way while growing up in Greenland. While Maligiaq demonstrates techniques that are required in the competition, traditional skills expert Dubside describes the fine points of the moves being performed.
Rolling With Sticks Christopher Crowhurst has created a comprehensive video guide to Greenland style kayak rolling. Designed to complement the guidebook (see below), the DVD covers the 25 rolls in depth.
Simplifying the Roll Helen Wilson’s multi-level guide to learning, troubleshooting and progressing through Greenland technique.


Kayaks of Greenland The history and development of the Greenlandic Hunting Kayak, 1600-2000 – by Harvey Golden
Eastern Arctic Kayaks: History, Design, Technique Eastern Arctic Kayaks is the product of years of kayak study by two of the world’s experts. Combining analyses of form and function with historical background and illustrations of kayaking techniques, this volume is a storehouse of information for recreational kayakers and scholarly readers alike. By John Heath
Searching for the Finmen: An Unplanned Journey in Homage to the Kayak In the early 1700s an Inuk paddling a traditional Greenland kayak landed, alone and exhausted, on a beach near Aberdeen and died three days later. His kayak and hunting gear can still be seen today in the local Anthropological Museum. The idea that a man could have made the journey from Greenland to the north-east coast of Scotland with a tiny boat made from skin, bone and driftwood is difficult to comprehend, but it did happen. Norman Rogers spent most of his spare time in the practical art of kayaking. However, when his passion for paddling small boats was interrupted by an unexplained illness, he set out to investigate the Aberdeen mystery and, as is often the case, one mystery led to another – he discovered that around the same time as the Inuk landed in Aberdeen, individuals in kayaks, described locally as “Finmen”, were seen around the coasts of the Orkney Islands. Searching for the Finmen describes Norman’s researches into the history and culture of the Inuit, with particular reference to their mastery of the sea by means of the kayak, and his attempts to understand and resolve his medical condition and to resume kayaking. By Norman Rogers
Building the Greenland Kayak: A Manual for Its Construction and Use Guidebook leads you step-by-step through the process of crafting your own lashed-frame, fabric-covered, custom-fitted Greenland kayak, using inexpensive, easy-to-find materials and common woodworking tools. By Christopher Cunningham
Rolling With Sticks Waterproof book designed by Christopher Crowhurst to be used afloat. The book contains 25 rolls. Each roll is illustrated with eight diagrams and comprehensive written instructions.


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