Kayak Tests and Novice Reviews

The good folks at Karitek organised an open day at Fairlie today. Being in the market for new fibre glass boats, we leapt upon the opportunity to test some out. An open day like this serves as a “first pass” where we can quickly determine/confirm the boats that we’d like to test more extensively at a later date before narrowing it down even further.

It was quite a kid-in-a-candy-store moment when we arrived at the beach to an impressive display of top brand kayaks. We were particularly interested in the Rockpool Alaw Bach and the P&H Quest LV, but we also tested a Sea Kayaking UK (Nigel Dennis) Explorer, a P&H Cetus, Rockpool Alaw and P&H Capella 161. Here are the impressions of a couple of novices. Bear in mind that we have been accustomed to paddling P&H Capella RM (166 and 160) kayaks over the past year, so that is essentially our benchmark. The conditions started out quite rough, becoming calm later. I am 51 kg in weight and 166 cm in height. Alan is 76 kg in weight and 180 cm in height.